‘Unwind’ wallpaper

I haven’t made a wallpaper since I made The Hunger Games ones when the movie came out, and I’m glad to make this one for the book: Unwind by Neal Shusterman. Absolutely spectacular book and highly recommend a read. Aspects that makes it appealing: it’s in third person view, but from different characters (this technique creates a sense of the society); there are three main characters, with Conner being the more dominant (it’s nice having a male character in the lead for a change); the theme/idea of ‘unwinding’ teens (i.e. it’s like a delayed abortion – if you don’t want your kids in the future because they’re not worth it or troubled, then parents send them off to be unwound); the plot; the characters… it’s just really good!

So, with the wallpaper, I did have a bit of trouble finding the right images for Connor, Risa and Levi. I spent ages looking around and had to use the three I have. The scale may be slightly not right with Connor and Risa, but this gives the effect of unease, which is the book’s message. Lev isn’t too visible, but the image I used was blurry in the first place and it reflects what his character goes through in the story. Risa is the one touching the foreground because I couldn’t get any male hands touching the foreground that connected with the character.

I think the font works well – it compliments greater than the thicker futuristic font I had (the thinner line makes it feel colder). The cover I based the wallpaper off is not the cover I have at home. I ordered the book online with the cover I was after (believe me, I don’t think you could find this in Aust. … at least not in my home town), but came with the other cover! Anyway, soon got over that and immersed myself in the story.

So, if you bothered reading all that, I hope you like the wallpaper.


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