lost dog Dust

lost dog dust_pageIt was about 4:15pm when my little sister comes home from school and calls out to me that there’s an emergency. I’m getting there, and she calls out it’s urgent. I walk into the kitchen and there is a Labrador walking across the room heading outside (??!!!!). Turns out it was lost and scared as it was running across the road, and my little sister tried to find it’s owners but no one owned up. So she brings him home. No tag, just a collar. So we gave him water and patted it a lot. Even played ball with him (plus he got to lick my spaghetti sauce from my plate from tea.) Then around 7pm the council dog collector came and right as we let him out the front door, the owner was driving past and saw him (how co-incidental was that!!!) and took him – now Dust – home. What a day! 🙂


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