A view from a Rolleicord

Collage of my pa's Rolleicord camera

Collage of my pa’s Rolleicord camera

This is my pa’s camera, which my dad keeps, and before I give it back, I thought to share it’s wonder with you. Even though I have taken photos with my digital camera of the image in the view finder, it is nothing compared to the actual quality and sharpness looking through the lens first hand. It produces a vivid reverse display of the subject matter, where in this collage I hope you can see a fence line which I have focused on. I can’t remember if I have seen any photos taken from this camera, however I wish I could take a few photos with it. I know that it takes larger than the 35mm standard, but does have a some sort of adapter for 35mm film.

To say simply; it’s stunning – and perhaps one day, it will be at full function mode.


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