Daylesford – The Convent

From a couple of weeks ago when we went to Daylesford. It was a rather hot and bothered day, thus I didn’t really get my camera out for a while. Also, sometimes I find that taking photos can be somewhat tiresome when you want to just look at something or have fun without worrying about recording it. I felt the same when taking photos of the fireworks on Aust. Day as I was missing the ‘enjoyment’ of the fireworks when I was attempting to photographing them. In the end, I just watched the fireworks and pressed the shutter beside me.

I do find that people believe that they ‘have to’ document their days – especially when it comes to weddings. I’m not one to post up what I’m doing everyday on fb, in fact I rarely post up anything, but some people just love sharing anything and everything (especially not-so-glamorous food pictures using their phones that turn you off from ever wanting to eat it.) As well; carrying your dslr camera around can be heavy, and sometimes I don’t get out my camera b/c I’m knacked from having it around my shoulder.

Nonetheless, it is wonderful to be able to share parts of the world that others would never know of b/c of our location.


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