First day of the last year

UB 2013 diary. designed by Yvette Buffon.

UB 2013 diary. designed by Yvette Buffon.

Today we began our first day of our third year of uni – our last year. In essence, I sometimes can’t comprehend that it is what it is; that we are 3rd years having to organise fundrasing events, making sure there is a positive atmosphere as well as completing or own work to an exceptional high standard as it’s the last shot we have for a folio at the end.

To start off today, three others and myself introduced ourselves to the 2nd years. Then it was Art Theory… = *analysis paralysis*: all the theories and how all the dots jut seem to connect together with the world. This brings me to what was etching in the back of my mind; is there time for anything else at all? I know – this last year we have isn’t suppose to be easy in the first place, but from what our lecturer was talking of today: going around to see galleries around town and further, reading all these texts/journals and writing reviews on these just puts into perspective that what we do is always existing and never sleeps. Never gets away for a break. Always with you.

With good management, this could be rather much a breeze. However, you have to hold that type of personality and energy; and I know that I do not. I am much quieter and more in the shadows. I know we’ll all find it hard – it will be tough, complicated, drawn-out, exhausting, frustrating, annoying, brilliant, nerve-racking, rewarding, and sacrificial.

I just hope certain elements aren’t sacrificial from where I stand. I believe that we are here for each other; that others come before us and we help each other. And I’ll endeavour for this to remain true.


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