Harmony Fest 2013

This year I dressed up in my kimono – that’s right; my kimono. A few weird looks from people as I walked to the event, but hey: it’s about culture and harmony, so why not. I got there a bit later as I (still) have a bit of work to do for uni, but I had a heap of fun last year so I thought to go again. My friend had a volunteer job photographing, and I did take some photos (thought to give my new lens a test run) yet I really felt to just enjoy the the atmosphere rather than worry about documenting the day. And I did – I even got up and danced to some Latin American/Cuban type of music… doing so ‘cha-cha-cha’. The event went way over time, which was a pity because people wanted on encore for the last act which was the Hip Hop group (they were really good last year and they must have felt a bit gutted to be on last when a lot of people had already left.) But for the end, the break dancers came on and I got a few snaps (even a Polariod one too, which turned out rather nice for a guess shot.)

Next year, I should be able to attend the whole event, and who knows, I might even be along side my friend taking “official” photographs (that sounds cool.) 🙂


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