Alana’s 21st

Last Saturday was my friend’s 21st, and I decided to be a bit more of a photographer for the night than usually. Mainly I go along to these type of events and just take photos within the group of people I know, but this time I thought to get a bit more ‘out there’. I’m still growing confidence and found it a bit difficult when people – especially family members – just sort-of stay out of the way in the dark somewhere, but with time, I’ll go to them. Anyway, I stayed near the dance floor (where there was awesome lighting!) and if you were there, then I was taking photos of you! 😛 Sometimes I do feel I’m intruding a bit on them having fun, but I hope that when people see me with my dslr they may understand that function for the night isn’t just there to party.

Which reminds me… to dance or to take photos?…. it isn’t easy doing both, but hopefully I got a few nice photos for Alana so she can remember the time.


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