Origami session at uni

some of the origami pieces during my origami night.

some of the origami pieces during my origami night.

This afternoon I held an origami session to assist in raising funds for our end of year expo and catalouge. Hmmm… well, not that many turned up – in fact, there were only third years, 3 of my friends and one of my friend’s girlfriend. Also, one of my lecturers came down for the paper crane tute. I was disappointed – especially considering I planned it so it was straight after first years finished class. And no second years! I even brought along my journal from work placement to show them. Well, I still managed to raise $16 and for those who came, we got to make an origami crane, fox, and butterfly. I also showed how to make the water bomb as there was a bit of time. Anyway, at least I tried – even went around to classes and presented the idea directly to them – and they can’t complain or state that we didn’t try and engage with them b/c we did (or at least I have for the moment.) I hope to have another session before the end of semester, this time I’ll teach how to make a business card holder and an accordion book, and perhaps a few other things. Just pray that some more people attend!


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