M.A.D.E. (museum of Aust. Democracy at Eureka)

collage of photos from the MADE centre

collage of photos from the MADE centre

Transformed from the Eureka centre, the MADE centre has been a well worth investment by the community and government. Final it has re-opened! I remember going to the Eureka centre back when I was in primary school and then it closed… no one really knew what was going on with it. And now it’s a centre about democracy, and what better place to have it then the home town our Australia’s first (and I believe only) rebellion – the Eureka Rebellion.

When I walked into this centre, I was very impressed with the more contemporary edge in it’s style – in fact, it looks like something out of Melbourne, but fits well here. I love the colours; the dark charcoal black and the yellow are very refreshing – the blue of the flag would have been too tiring. And the logo… love it!
They’ve done quite a bit with it – from what I remember was in their, they’ve practically stripped it out and have all these fun digital interactive stations, some interesting bits, and the flag was there too. There was also someone speaking, so I went along, and I found out some interesting information about things to do with our country.

I’m really glad that I went along to the opening and might venture back there sometime soon.


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