3rd yr folio, sem. 1

folio_sem 1_page(uni work from this semester)

I sincerely can not quite believe that one entire semester has already past, and we only have one more to go. And then we’re done. Three years. Over… wow… they’re going by quick. Anyhow, our folios were due today, and out of all of them, I am most proud of my work in this one; from the variety of pieces to the quality of the works. There are still some flaws, but this is mainly due to that I like to make things myself (printing, etc…) as I feel that I’m annoying the people at printing places by making them finish my work. It would be less stressful and time consuming, but I get a sense of pride that I made something. What do you think – that getting other people to finish your work encourages you to feel guilty on the matter?

Right, not only did I have items on the desk, but I also hung up two of my posters. I didn’t have a pocket for the A0 poster, so why not hang it up, and I did this also for the learning and teaching poster that has a die-cut to better enhance the concept. In all, I feel rather delighted in my work and have very much enjoyed the semester, even though some days/weeks just seemed like there was nothing else to life than completing works.

A very big CONGRATULATIONS to my fellow peers for the semester just gone!


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