Growing my own veggies (…with mum’s help)

In response to the MEMEFEST brief we recently completed, I have become more pro-active of my passion of hating food wastage. The theme for MEMEFEST was FOOD DEMOCRACY, and I decided to focus on consumer waste, however there were many areas to explore; such as GM food, “organic” farming, obesity, etc…
The truth is we got lazy. We got lazy and corporations took advantage of this – creating GM food. GM food relies on herbicides and pesticides to grow (which is where corporations make money from), and these chemicals are created from oil… oil from the Middle East (and hence the war.) In essence, we are fighting for our own survival – the copyrighted seed depends on oil to grow.
But it doesn’t have to be. We could be saving not only money from fighting a war, but money in our own back pockets from growing our own food. Yes, I do agree that it’s much harder, but I find it more rewarding. Not to mention the sustainability of our planet depends greatly on it – so much resources go into not only the food, but the packaging and transportation.

There is just so much to talk about, that I’ve researched in the past few weeks, but if little bit by little bit we take back the greed of corporations, we could save the sustainability of the planet. And I’m starting now.

planting of bok choy and pak choy

planting of bok choy and pak choy


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