Ballarat Internation Photo Bienalle – high school event

My friend Ajit called me up 6.30 one night asking if I would like to join him photograph an event the next morning which he’s just been asked to do as the photographer he knows couldn’t make it. I was happy to help out, and thought it would be good experience – in fact, any experience is good experience.

It was just a small event with high school students learning about photo essay (which I would have preferred to have been doing instead of actually essays, which I was writing one at the time) taught by Morgana Magee who has taken some beautiful document photography for the Herald Sun.
What I like about going to an event is that you learn about what is actually happening at the event, and I re-capped on things from uni/high school.

Afterwards we went out to take a photo essay, and Ajit and I tagged along with the group that went to the train station.  (photographs of this found here).

I really enjoyed this trip, not to mention they were filming The Doctor Blake mysteries, and had the cars out the front. !!!


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