stairwell at Timeless Interiors

stairwell at Timeless Interiors

Today was my second day working at Timeless Interiors. I’m on for a trial – just helping out with things like updating website, editing photos, making up floor plan, e-mails… all those little things that just seem to take up time. My first day was a couple of days ago – the first day is always the strangest as I was getting use the system (more like getting use to using a mac is more to the point :P) and how things operate. Today I got to do some editing of photos and putting them up on the blog. I was a bit more confident than the other day, but there are always new things to learn and learn from making mistakes on things (gosh! there were a few).
But enough of what I was doing! The place we work in in essence a show room for what the company creates. I would really be most honored if I could photograph the place – not just as a show room, but how I use it as a working environment.
Here’s a link to their website which showcases some of their showrooms (the French regency style room is where we work – apart from that it is amazing, it has the best view out on the city.)
The photo I’ve taken was in the stairwell when I was leaving, and contains a most beautiful gold ornate mirror – exquisite!
I’m very lucky to be there  – and most grateful to be given a chance to know what it is like to work in the corporate world as we are just finishing up at uni.

“…Like the word, something Timeless is not something old, but something special to you. An event, an experience, a purchase, a feeling. Thus, making it something you will always remember, cherish, value and grow with it around you, within your heart and mind, making the experience, the word TIMELESS!”
Mark Alexander Wakeling


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