Lucato Peace Prize 2013

This was actually abut 3 weeks ago, but so much has happened since then that I forgot to put it up on my blog! 😛 I was so excited about it  – and I still am a bit over the moon

about it. This was my 3rd and final time I was able to submit for the Lucato Peace Prize that runs through the uni. The submission date was about 6 weeks earlier than usual, thus I only created this piece in a week (plus pre planning months before with the quote). I was originally thinking of making this a projection, however I knew that it would take much long, and plus I really liked the tactile quality of the postcards. I decided to make something a bit more “designery” than “arty” as I was finishing up my graphic design course.

The brief is that peace id always better than war and we create a response to this. This is my summary:

This collection of postcards creates a sentence that reflects on war being an opposition to life itself. The instant we agree to destruction and conflict, we ourselves have lost the freedom and peace to live a healthy and prosperous life by giving all our heart to the cause of war.

I’m still quite happy about this – and it was a bit of a shock when I received the phone call (you should have seen me 😛 ) But it was a nice way to finish uni and I’m very lucky to have won in my final year of entering.

(There will be coming a cash prize as well, which I’ll most likely by a new laptop with…. and perhaps a new lens for my camera! )

2013 Lucato Peace prize entry... and I won!!

2013 Lucato Peace prize entry… and I won!!



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