Origami expanding Christmas card

In return from receiving Christmas cards from my friends, I decided to make one in return – even though a couple of years ago I said to myself I wouldn’t send Christmas cards, however, in favour of being sent one, it was a nice task to do.
The card had to be special, and I spent ages going through origami designs, trying things out, and just getting no-where. Then I was (randomly) on Etsy and came across whilst looking at something else a mini book design. When I looked at this, I knew how the seller had made it – what origami design she had used. My end result is slightly different as I couldn’t do the exact same, but similar in expanding form.
Here I’ve used Kaiser Craft scrapbook paper (Black and White Timeless) on crimson red background, held together with a polypropylene ‘jelly’ band.
By the way, my friends who sent me cards are actually twins, so (in an in-direct way) I’ve responding to this by making the card have two sides, but come together as one, and vice versa; which reflects how I see them as two individuals who happen to look the exact(ish) same.


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