“The Secret Portal: Fountain of Eminence” poster designs

Two years ago, my friend’s and I had a picnic/photo day at the lake. This image was taken and I turned it into a movie poster just for fun. And everyone liked it! So this time around, we focused on actually creating one. We came up with crazy story lines and character profiles, and one of my friends, Ajit (http://ajitnarsiphoto.wordpress.com/) was also taking photos to aid in this endeavour. I had in mind what I was after, but sometimes telling your friends what to do is rather difficult when they just wont listen, and this is where I find Ajit comes in handy as he can understand my frustration and controls us better. But anyway, I took some individual photos to make character posters but still wasn’t sure what I was going to do for the main one. As this would be a sequel, I wanted it to be a bit more abstract and asymmetrical than the first.

When editing, I took inspiration from; “the city of bones” posters and tried something like that with the character poster and main one. The main one didn’t really work as we weren’t posing right for it to be composed like that.
Anyhow, after a bit of fiddling around, I’ve come up with the composition that is, and it looks are ‘pro’ like than the first.
Also, the text down the bottom, the tag line and title have origins from “Star Wars the Clone Wars Episode Guide” I needed inspiration for the title as I wasn’t sure what to call it; had to have something to do with the fountain, and I tried so many names, but they were all too obvious. Than I came across the episode: Eminence, and I was like “that’s it!” and reflected what we were talking about on the day about what character profile Ajit was.

Fun day and I really like turning these images into something more.
Note: this is not a real movie (some of my friend’s friends thought he was actually in a movie… must have been convincing 😛 )


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