Tooka Doll

So, it’s boiling this week – over 40 each day. I don’t like to get on my laptop when it’s this kind of weather (during the day, that is) so I thought to do some sewing. I made a tooka doll about a year ago (the purple one) and had cut out the fabric for the one I made today back then.
I’m not the best person at sewing (in fact, if you are, you’re probably cringing at my attempt) but it’s holding together, and I think it looks alright compared to how I thought it would go.

Anyhow, a tooka doll is from Star Wars: The Clone Wars season one. When my sister and I saw the episode, we liked the doll so much, that I ended up buying some felt, made a template and made one. Not exactly the same, but similar outline and style.
But it’s still cute, if not a little quirky.


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