Handmade photo book publication

For my friend’s 21st (AjitNarsi Photography), I was going to make him a photo book of all the funny photos of him over the years that I’ve known him. His b’day was a couple of months ago, and I said that I couldn’t get it by then, which turned out better b/c now I’ve got photos in there up until the end of the year.
I chose to make a similar style book as to ones I’ve made previous with the style of binding (see folio, style guide) and spent ages figuring out the size. I wanted to made it so I would use as much paper as I could, thus less wastage, but still have a decent size. I had actually started this project back in July with different size and layout of photos in book. Months later I discovered that my printer doesn’t print border less unless it’s on one of its pre-set size, thus I had to change it all.

But today I printed it all myself – a lot of configuring which was to insert the paper and print on the reverse, and all together there were 61 pages/30 sheets, and with all of these I had to score then cut the slots out. I had very soar fingers afterwards. I tied it together with embroidery thread, and even sewed a simple pattern on the edge for extra touch.

I’m very happy with the finished result and can image my friend will cherish it even more. 🙂


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