Work Christmas party 2012

Just to keep myself amused, I decided to take photos at our work Christmas party. One mistake I made: I forgot that I had gone to the zoo a couple of days previous and hadn’t changed my lens over from my telephoto one – ooops! So I had to stand way back and try and snap people. There were a few who posed for me – but most of everyone just went shy (or didn’t know who I was 😛 )

But the photographs I took last year (just a month ago or so) were so much better and had a very crisp quality. Also, I was more adventurous (i.e. annoying people) and photographing them for the sake of photographing for documentation. Having experience in the past year from photographing friend’s 21st has helped, as well as doing a couple of events. (actually, looking back on these images I’m just horrified at some of them).


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