Year of the Horse 2014

Another Chinese New Year design – I had actually thought it was in a couple of days time (well, is if you’re on the other side of the world) but here it’s actually tomorrow, thus I had to quickly make something. I’ve wanted to do something like this for a little while now, and does resemble some other designs I’ve made with the grunge aesthetic.
To make this, I found an image of an origami horse in Google images, then took that into illustrator and traced over the shapes that the paper made. It’s not exact, but I was making this quickly. I then took this shape into Photoshop and used a grunge background I’ve had for ages and used the mask to create the horse shape. Then a gradient layer, and afterwards just tweaking and playing around with the colours. The font I’ve used is a recent one I got for free linked from Smashing Mag called “unique”.
And there you have it, my Year of the Horse design.
Just for a something a little extra, I’ve ‘mocked-up’ the design on a business card, just to show how it could be applied.


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