Carrie’s 21st – a backyard party

My friend’s 21st which was a sort of ‘high tea’ afternoon party. Just something small with a few people, but really nice. Ok, it was extremely hot, so thankfully for the tree. I didn’t take that many photos, but I did edit all the ones I did (25… seems such a small number for me! 😛 ).
With the editing, I decided to use only the vintage preset I have on Lightroom 5. I’m not sure what the preset collection is called, but I did download it for free a while ago – I’m fairly sure the site was called ‘preset heaven’ or something. I feel that the images and the editing effect go well together, as I’ve more focused on ‘mis en scene’ type of images rather than ‘look at the camera and smile’ type.
I’ve found that over the past year in taking photos at parties, I do prefer the ones later on – not only b/c I’ve improved, but there is a lot more natural light with day light savings. I do like the natural light much more, and with my 35mm lens, the images just look so crisp. I’m really happy with these few images, and I hope my friend likes them as well.


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