Shadow Hunter style guide

shadowhunter styleguide-13A little while ago my lil sister said that she was going to the Supernova event in April, and we were trying to think of something she could dress up as. After looking at countless possibilities, I mentioned about going as a shadow hunter – considering we already have black clothes, and then it’s just a matter of applying the runes.
This inspired me to create a shadow hunter style guide as a side project. It did take me a while as I spent ages looking for clothes/large enough images to use to print. I originally had a different concept for the book construction, but it wasn’t going to work with the thicker paper, thus I went with a favourite; accordion style.
I wanted to make it look like something you could possibly buy, hence all the detail in the pages. I made my own swatch using the ‘angelic’ rune, and many different water colour brushes for the border effect. The typefaces; firstly I went through the one’s  on my laptop and found the one that I believe they used for the ‘city of bones’ part for the movie (Centaur) and the other two fonts I downloaded from free places after a bit of a look around (I thank those people who created the typefaces I have used).

For the cover, I used my cardboard/pasteboard, covered in leftover fabric from my journal last year (nice leather type of effect) and made a ‘5-minute’ slipcase (which did not take five minutes, and mucked it up somewhere along the way.)
Even though the quality isn’t too flash (you know when you stick something down and it sticks before you want it to?? Well this happened a lot in this case) I still adore it. After taking photos, I’ve noticed a few things that I could fix up, and I’ll probably be fixing it up for time. But I think it’s awesome – even though I’m not even going, I’m probably still going to dress up for the day and walk around town like a shadow hunter (hey, it’ll be my birthday 🙂 ).


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