Alex’s Hens party

For something a little different to a usual birthday party, I was invited to my friend’s hens party a couple of weekends ago. I very much enjoyed myself as it was rather exciting going out on a paddle steamer boat on the lake. If I could, I would have stood outside and got some nice pics of the water and sky.
Anyhow, as it was the rockabilly fest that weekend, we dressed up in 50s clothes/style, ate some nibbles, played some games and had a good laugh. I didn’t know many people, and everyone kind of kept to themselves probably because they didn’t know who I was, but towards the end I announced that if anyone wanted photos, to come outside with the honored guest. I find that being a photographer, you have to “get the ball rolling” in most instances as people want to just do their own thing and it’s up to you to “light the spark”. I believe that the photographs from the event are the second most important thing to take away from – first is memories. You can tell stories to people who weren’t there, but it’s nothing compared to showing them photos to illustrate your message. Hence, that’s why, over the course of photographing at events, I have taken more responsibility in what I love to do and teaching myself how to improve.

What are your thoughts?? Is it up to your host to tell you what to do? Or is it up to you to explore where you can go? Perhaps even a bit of both??…


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