The path we follow

I was riding my bike around town this afternoon, when they were setting up an event near where I went to uni. The lady handed me a brochure; a music festival. I thought I’d go along a bit later after tea, at which I did. I was only there for about 10 minutes – not b/c the music wasn’t any good, it’s just that it feels kind of lonely when basically everyone else is there with there families/partners/friends and you arrive by yourself and start taking photos. People don’t really like this when all they want to do is relax. So I went up Police lane and thought of what a lovely sunset and decided to catch it. With editing this photo, I wanted to give the meaning of how we as humans go around in a cycle of, well, things in general. Like how fashion/clothes from the past re-occur (although those 90’s sandals…. isssh- the should have stayed back where they were, believe me, they don’t look good ladies when you’re wearing a nice dress). When we move forward with technology, we still find ourselves back with the old.
I love my home town – it’s really the only place I know. I love the historical buildings, and its heritage. I’m glad that it is also bringing to town more of what Melb. has to offer to intrigue the youth like myself, however, still seems to take a while for things to get rolling. Anyhow, next week is harmony fest which I’m looking forward to getting dressed up and dancing (…should I wear my kimono again or something different…???….)…

the path we follow

the path we follow





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