Capt. America invitations

DSC_0320-angleMade invitations for a catch-up/get together with friends, to see “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. I wanted to have the invitation and the envelope as one item, just for something a little different, and I recently got a new origami book which has a few different origami envelopes that I didn’t know, thus I selected the pinwheel type one which (kind of) has a star shape/feel to it; reflecting the star of Captain America. With the design, I have used one of the character posters, and also masked in a bare tree – representing winter and also the genetic manipulation of the body/veins. There is a WWII era feel to it as well with the choice of typography/wording and the overall graphic presentation.
Overall, I’m quite happy with how the turned out. Probably used more ink than what I originally wanted to, nonetheless, it reflects my sort of aesthetic.


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