Partial Solar Eclipse

partia lsolar eclipse(web)It will be another 73 years before this happens again (at least in Aust. anyhow, not sure of the rest of the world), but late this afternoon the moon crossed paths with sun – cutting away a section to reveal, to some, a banana!
I could not originally see it at first (I know, you’re not suppose to look at the sun (but I wear sunnies all the time outside, so it was something), but then when I went back to get my camera, I noticed it in the reflection of the glass door. I took a couple of photos, but they couldn’t quite capture it, then I realised I didn’t have the polarising lens cap on! So I raced back to get that. By then, the cloud cover had drifted back, but managed a couple more. Last time for the red moon only a few weeks ago, there was too much cloud cover, but it was nice this time to see it. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Partial Solar Eclipse

    • It’s amazing how the universe works (whether we know how or not) that is its majesty and mystery. I think that we’ll be having another “red moon” within the next year as there was one not that long ago, but too much cloud cover to see it.

      • I agree. “The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.” Why does it adhere to rules? Very amazing. And hope you capture the red moon too. Would love to see it!

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