May the 4th be with you (luxsoka)

luxsoka-collageMAY THE 4THE BE WITH YOU!

Living in Australia, the day is not as big out here as compared to other places in the world – and especially in the town where I live, nonetheless, I dressed up in my cape and went to Aldi with mum… and received a lot of ‘what the hell??!’ looks from other people.
Anyway, I only knew about star wars day a couple of years ago now, but since then I like to make a visual piece to celebrate it. This year, I focused on the relationship between Ashoka and Lux from SWTCW (love the show!) and made a watercolour poster/print design which could be applied across different mediums. I’m very pleased with how it turned out compared with how it looked in the beginning. It’s just something simple, but beautiful in that appeal.
Now that the Clone Wars has finished, I wonder what will happen to Ashoka after the end of season 5, and whether she teams up with Lux and create the foundation of the rebel alliance. How awesome would that be!

graphic applied to poster... so cool if I got this printed!

graphic applied to poster… so cool if I got this printed!


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