Heritage Weekend (Tweed bike ride + Dr Blake costume expo) 2014

collage of photos from Heritage weekend

collage of photos from Heritage weekend

The past couple of days, my home town of Ballarat (Victoria, Australia) the city showed off it’s heritage. The one event I was most excited for was the Tweed bike ride – I wore my sister’s cape and a tartan skirt, but it was dressed up enough. Before that started I went around to the craft markets that were on in various locations – only one of them was really worth the visit.
Also took a peak around the town hall, and the apron contest/display.
Then; the ride! There was about 30 of us or so, which was a nice turn out – and right as we started, the sun came out! Glorious! It was a leisure ride, so it was nice taking in the scenery. Half way we had a ‘break’ so everyone could catch up, and this was when I put my camera around my neck, and as we took off, I took photos of us riding whilst riding – not the safest of things to do, but we weren’t going that fast. And that was that.

The following day I went to see the ‘Doctor Blake’ costume display, and just as I entered the precinct, they said that there was a talk about to start, so I went to that first. It was the creator and costume designer talking about all things from the show, and then a Q&A session. I then went and checked out the costumes – not as many as I thought (and in a small area) but I suppose it’s what they had to work with. Just took a few snaps – not of everything because I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to, but some for the viewing.

Next year I hope to go on the bike ride again – this time hopefully someone else I know will come along so we can ride together.


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