Almost is Never Enough (a typography poster exploration)

Poster_almost is never enough_renderblack Typography posters are amazing – well there are some fairly awesome gems out there amongst the common typical “keep calm” ones 😛
A few weeks ago, my friend was showing me his typography poster designs he made, and this got me inspired to make my own. I’m not an excellent typographer, and my first design/test/draft wasn’t all that great; I was trying to make something in a similar aesthetic, but it just wasn’t evolving at the pace I was hoping. But in the back of my mind I had another concept – one that ever since I heard the song, I wanted to make a type poster for.

The song: “Almost is Never Enough” by Ariana Grande and NLargeFrame_almost is never enough_renderathan Sykes – which is on ‘The City of Bones’ soundtrack – would have to be one of the most beautiful and captivating love songs I’ve heard on the theme the it explores of, well, almost having love I guess. The lyrics with the emotion that they are sung, plus the rhythm make this experience that is so empowering.
With my response, I decided to use a similar technique that I used when making my Postcard set – printing out and dripping ink over the letters. I then scanned in the image, and in Photoshop made the outline of the letters with the ink (I used blue ink, thus I had to make it either black/white), then I’ve placed a scanned images of some wonderful textured foil paper I bought, then grunge texture with a bit of the ‘color dodge’ border. I’ve done a black and white version, and I like both in their own right.

My visual response is meant to represent – or give the impression – of a handwritten note, that perhaps was left in a hotel for someone, which has the remains of tears and heartache streaming down the page; reflecting the emotion of the song and possibly giving it a sense of location (fancy night place with the paper design/ New York: as that is where the movie is set.) I also hope that the poster (the emotion I hope to convey) reflects the major plot twist in The City of Bones movie/book, b/c when that scene happens, I really felt the…. “oh my gosh!!!” sense of “WHAT??!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m very happy with my result as I decided to take my own direction with it and I believe that I have captured what I intend is the emotion of the soalmost is never enough_renderblackng.almost is never enough_render


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