Squash (Photographing a sporting event)

A couple of weekends ago I decided to go along to my friend’s Squash tournament after visiting the Creswick market – at which I just so happened to have my camera with me, thus I decided to take some action shots. I’ve played squash (or was it racquetball??….) years ago, so I knew a little about the sport, however I somewhat find it similar to Badminton which is what I played during school years – except that there is this wall in front of you 😛

When photographing, the one element that was restricting was that the only view I could get was up above from behind the people playing – which means I couldn’t get any front on action shots, unless they were playing on the court with the glass viewing screens, and had a cut out in the wall (which ironically was where my friend was playing.)
Another constraint was the lighting; very glary and florescent, but in other courts quite dull, so it was always a case of changing exposures, which was good practice.

In fact, I found the whole event to be a good practice: from learning more about the game, to trying out different exposures and shutter speeds. I also wanted to take some “website” shots that they could as backgrounds or promotional material as I noticed that there was a flyer in the stadium saying that people could download the app.

Overall, I’m very pleased with how some/most of the photographs turned out, and so was my friend who shared them on their tournament page.


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