Packaging concepts (for market stall)

About 6 weeks ago was when I had my first market stall at the Design Exchange. One of the elements that I took away that I could improve on was the packaging of the I would sell. As a graphic design, I would have loved to have focused on this for my stall, however I only had three days from finishing the course I was doing at the time to the day of the stall, and I spent that time trying to make more quantity of items that I already had made. At the time, I also didn’t have a name for my stall, so the branding I wasn’t too sure how to convey – I just used my name, but as the market stall is a hobby not a business, I can’t use that.

After a bit of thought, I decided that I wanted to use the typeface that I created during uni last year. It was the first – and only thus far – typeface I’ve constructed. In this version, the weight of the lines are thinner. I might go back to the original weight, but it’s all in experimenting. I have also used the same vector imagery/pattern of my logo – just so that people know that this “sub-division” of what I do is connected to me.

With these packaging concepts, I have focused around the plaster items I had made, but I can use them across the products. I’ve used standard matte photo paper, and noticed that depending on what setting I used, the colour turned out very different from print to print.

I’m really happy with how they are turning out, and am looking forward to displaying them at another market stall in the near future. And selling them online via my Etsy store! (store coming shortly, but here is my profile for the time being :  )

Close up. Can see pattern that doesn't distract from product

Close up. Can see pattern that doesn’t distract from product

Bold, bright colour

Bold, bright colour

Front and back design

Front and back design


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