Geo grid pop-out birthday card

I made this card for my friend’s birthday – and to date it is the most elaborate card I’ve constructed – from graphic/visual appeal to physical construction. I had a few different concepts in mind, however once I saw a design for a Moscow exhibition which utilised the gem like grid to create all the shapes, I felt compelled to appropriate and use the inspiration for my own.

Initial drawings on geo grid

Initial drawings on geo grid

I started by making a grid structure, which ended up looking similar to the original by coincidence as I wasn’t looking at the original when making it. I then printed off the pattern and hand-drew different shapes just to get a feel of the grid. Then I drew up the shapes in Illustrator as vectors. At this time I was also making the card physical structure, and came up with something simple. The concept was to have the message inside the card that would ‘pop-out’ – so it’s hidden to then be revealed.
After a bit (a lot) of fiddling around, I came to the final product. I chose to print on recycled stock so the concept of the design wasn’t too similar to the inspiration source which was black shapes on white – that and I also wanted to see how it looked.
I constructed it at night, then thought I could also make an envelope so it would be the entire package (and a delight to find in the mail!!!) The paper for the envelope is slightly thicker and a tad different in colour. I had to work the following day, so I photographed it before which is why the photos might not be all too great due to the lighting, but anyway, here is my “totally awesome birthday card”!!! I’m extremely happy with the result – the form of the card and the graphics themselves; they’re truly wonderful! Oh, and my friends were very happy with what they received in the mail on the day of their birthday.


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