Art and life (SAM: Shepparton Art Museum)

Some artwork purely amazes me (if not just a little bit freaks you out as well). When in Shepparton (Vic, Aust.) on the weekend, I visited the SAM to take a peak of what they had on show. One of the artists on display was Bindi Cole, who I had seen her work on display at our uni Post Office Gallery a few years back. I liked her photographs of the sky and the theme drawing with forgiveness and spirituality. Even though they’re photographs of the sky in many people’s eyes, by being in a gallery space, the viewer is transported to another dimension where they are able to reflect and breathe from the world around them. In a way, viewing these works was like I was arriving at a place to meditate.

I explored around and upstairs, and in the last room was this extremely impressive sculpture of an elderly lady holding a newborn. AMAZING!!! Slightly smaller than human scale, this piece gave a unique and lasting impression on the human form; it’s fragility and longevity. Made from silicon, silk, hair (can’t remember what sort), the ‘realness’ of the piece was so interesting, it became almost confronting to look at in the sense that there I was just staring at two people. The veins in the woman’s hands right down to the opening in the infant’s eyes – superb detail!

I very much enjoyed my trip to the SAM as it was nice to go to somewhere other than the one at my home town and refresh the landscape of art and design.



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