And it snowed…

A couple of days ago it snowed. Yes, that’s right, it snowed! It’s currently winter where I am, however the town I’m from (Ballarat, Vic, Aust.) can be a very cold, windy and wet place, yet however just doesn’t seem to snow. Since I can remember, it has snowed twice (once when it was early November, which was 3 weeks out before summer began!)
Nonetheless, I was outside with my camera! I was so enthralled to be out in it and be able to capture a few shots. It had generally stopped falling, but still looked stunning. I didn’t pay too much attention to the settings I was using or experimented much – I just was “snap happy” to be outside in the snow and took the some photos before going back inside to warm my hands.
I’m really happy with the shots that I did manage to get as it was rewarding to photograph in a different environment of subjects which I have photographed many times before. I even manged to take a couple of photos using my Fujifilm instax mini, which I was surprised how well they turned out considering the film has expired and the brightness of the white of the snow I thought would blur out.

It was AWESOME!!!


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