Cluster of Cranes (first Etsy order)

For the past month or so I created an account on Etsy and have been uploading some of the products I had left over from my market stall. I haven’t done all that much with it – it’s winter here and I’d like to photograph outside… yeah, not going to happen (ok, it did today, but hey). Nonetheless, Monday night I received my first ever order!!! Oh my Gosh!!!! I was thrilled. My dad keeps asking me every so often if I’ve sold anything, and now I have! Yay!
After a bit of hassle with not having enough paper and not being able to get anymore to what I needed, eventually made 36 paper cranes, stringed them together and sprayed them with an acrylic finish to give the paper a bit more strength. I sent the parcel this morning (wow… wasn’t expecting the postage to cost so much… definitely going to have to change this aspect in my store).

Really exciting feeling getting that first online order, and I have learned a lot since doing so. I hope my customer likes them because I almost didn’t want to send them when I was photographing them in the lovely sunshine! I think they would look great – as they are shown in the photo – all clustered together at the wedding or celebration.

There is just something so beautiful about folding something of the everyday into a form to delight.

(Store still in progress. Only shipping within Australia at the present time.)
Etsy Store: LaraRussellARISEN


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