Spektraflash! (light projections @ Mr Rede)

A few months ago I posted up about when I attended a Bollywood dancing event where there were these amazing vintage light projections (which I must admit took my attention more than the dancing.)
The person who did these projections actually saw my post, and invited me along to take some photographs at his event a few weeks ago at an art opening in a beautiful heritage building in Ballarat. It was splendid to meet the person who did the projections, and also meet another photographer as well. Compared to last time when I was just sitting in the one position, this time I was even able to move around and take in many various angles (including lying on the floor in the middle of the foyer, which the staff thought was a bit weird, lol.)
As the night went on, projections changed, merged and became spectacular to watch – which is what I ended up doing; simply sitting there enjoying the light.
Towards the end of the evening when the band was playing, it was interesting to see how the projections integrated into the music, and I ended up filming a bit of it too.
The last of the photographs that I took were of these rather sassy ladies being sexy. Stylised, of course, but I thought they were rather fun, and made for some interesting compositions.

In all, I did have a wonderful time and a great opportunity to take photographs of this sensational display of light.


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