Lucato Peace Prize 2014

From winning this prize last year, I thought that it would be honorary to attend the opening for this years. As I’m no longer a uni student, last year was my final chance to enter – and I happened to win: what are the chances??! Anyhow, I found that walking into this years entries, that there was a lot more content/entries, and possibly more thought out/more time put into them. Last year there was a mix up in the due date, so they must have focused on promoting it better.
I always find it interesting to see how people  reflect on the theme that ‘peaceful solutions are better than armed confrontations’ as the interpretations are endless. I find that the theme particularity interesting at the moment – which was also noted during the opening speeches – that we as a country have now joined forces with the USA and others to GO BACK to fighting in the Iraq area (why??!).

At the end, I met up with the winner and introduced as the winner of last year, where she mentioned that she had actually come across my blog post from last’s year exhibit. So, I’ll keep going to the openings of this exhibit b/c people (not just this years winner, but others as well) have found out information about the prize through this platform, and it’s nice to know I’m helping others in a small but meaningful way.



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