Spektraflash @ Hairdressing opening

A couple of weeks ago I was asked again if I would like to attend an event where I would take photos of vintage light projections. Any oppportunity is a good opportunity, thus I went along. And what a quirky place it was! But so cool at the same time. Lots of things to take photos of is always a good thing :).
It was a very tight space not to just photograph in, but a huge number of people turned up, so moving around became difficult. I did not really know anyone who was there – in fact, I did not even know the person whose shop it was (I eventually introduced myself considering I was taking photos of her lol). And I also got taking with some other people at random.
The projections were as awesome as always, and I focused on capturing their reflection in all the mirrors in the walls – as though they were paintings.
Very much enjoyed the opening, and looking forward to photographing tomorrow night for Halloween (not that I celebrate it – don’t really know much about it – but it’s picking up its pace in Australia.) (I would say, more a reason to dress up and bake cupcakes with bat silhouettes on top.)


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