Vibrant Halloween (Spektraflash @ Eastern Hotel)

Even though Halloween is not such a big thing like it is elsewhere, it gives a nice excuse to have themed parties – and even more so a good time to get out the vintage light projections!
Once again, I took some more photos for Spektraflash to document his vintage light projections – still as awesome as ever!
It took a while for things to start happening as some of the sound system broke down, but when the party started, it didn’t want to stop. Last year I photographed at the same place for a friend’s  21st, thus I found it interesting to photograph again.
141031_Spektraflash @ Eastern Hotel_page
What I like about Spektraflash is that the vintage light projections can transform the place/environment from just another night at the bar/party into something absolutely amazing; the projections create a talking point and just liven up the place and its people.
There was also another photographer there – I’m fairly sure he was for the bands playing, but I tried not to get in his way.
I’m still building confidence when it comes to photographing people in the audience – there were a few shots that I know would have at least turned out interesting, but I could tell that they knew I was there waiting, and sort of hid away. At the end of the night, I did not believe that the photos turned  out as well as I thought they would, however, loading them on my laptop, I am always delighted to see that their effect magnifies my expectations – they  were just so lovely with colour, which is what I know my client likes.

I really like to see how Spektraflash conducts his projections with accordance to the music being played; emphasising the emotion of the lyrics with rhythm. Can’t wait until to do some more photographing 🙂



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