Lights on lanterns (Spektraflash @ Mr Rede .2)

Back again with some more photos of these awesome vintage light projections! I was back at the same venue from a few months ago now at the closing of the exhibition. It was – in the case of the event – that no one really showed up apart from those who had to be there. Nonetheless, this made for a good opportunity to set up my camera on the tripod and just film the projections play without worrying about anyone getting in the way (much :P).

It was still quite light when I arrived, thus I didn’t take as many photos, and most of the ones where I did contained the lanterns that were hanging from the ceiling.

These light projections still amaze me, and other people who come along (there was a lady who came along who knew the artist and use to work in the music journalist industry who knew of a few major bands that would like the vintage lights for their performances. It’s amazing who you meet.)
Anyhow, hopefully the next venue (yes, still have more photos to take) will turn out to be amazing when photographed. Very much looking forward to that one.


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