Origami workshop

141221_Origami workshop_export(web) (1 of 4)Just to keep myself overly busy, I demonstrated an origami workshop on Sunday past. It was the day after my market at Creswick, thus I was slightly exhausted from that, but also left most of my goodies in the car so I could bring them in with me. It was just a small group of the four of us, but for my first official workshop, I do believe that it was the right size.
I instructed on making; a fox, butterfly, crane, “ice drop” ornament, 8-point tealight holder/vase, sonobe unit.

I found a few mistakes in my instructions on the way which I had not noticed before when practicing. I also found it difficult find the right terminology to use – I’m so use to making them myself and knowing, but having to explain to someone who doesn’t know can be a challenge.

During the session we also had some lovely roasted Japanese green tea and some red bean jelly cake paste.

For next, there are some areas of improvement that I can implement; such as introduction (perhaps showing some pictures as I present about my past and present), instructions that are correct in every detail, practicing many times over out loud (perhaps begin with friends). Also charging the right – I charged $5 per person – which is nothing compared with the time I spent working on everything, but it was my first one.

Nonetheless, for my first workshop, I felt comfortable with the people I was with and have encouragement to do another workshop.


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