Merry and Bright (Christmas 2014)

Yes, a tad late, but eventually got around to editing the photos from Christmas day. I wasn’t intending to capture amazing photos as I’d driven down to Geelong the day before to take some and was knackered from the week already. But instead of getting crisp clean images packed with luxurious colour, I tested out my holga lens pack again. With this, one of the filters was a star light effect, which looked dazzling with all the led lights.

In the evening we went to my uncle’s for tea and my cousin’s sons were there, the youngest I met for the first official time and he’s almost two. I’m glad that I did take my camera along b/c I found him fascinating to follow around. Just the joy of seeing him unwrap presents and have that ‘who are you??’ look on his face made for a more interesting subject than the usual Christmas.

Basically all the photos are in Black and White as the lighting in the evening really made the images look muddy, and nothing beats b&w for portraits.


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