Birthday Invitation – Supa!

Invitation for my birthday this year. Going to the Supanova Pop-Culture Expo, thus wanted something that would reflect this.
Had an initial idea in my mind with double sided A6 postcard, but changed to single sided. Firstly was to take the photos of myself – which proved to be a bit tedious but was made more efficient with the use of a wireless remote. Then to edit and place type over.
I very much like how the typography sits over the image of myself and the paint/watercolour effect – it wasn’t something I was going for originally, but really appreciated its contemporary feel.
I tried a few new techniques – such as attempting to make the photo look like a pencil drawing, but I think I enhanced the detail too much, but produced a lovely colour with the gradient. Of course, there is the paint splatter effect, along with some star brush effects.



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