The wonder of gardens (Melb. Botanical Gardens)

150613_Melb Gardens(web) (4 of 4)150613_Melb Gardens(web) (2 of 4)

A couple of months ago I visited the Melbourne Botanical Gardens. Compared to the one in Ballarat, it is much more on a grand scale (and can be difficult to find a way out 😛 ). I didn’t take many photos – instead enjoy just been in the gardens itself. Gardens are such a beautiful place, and we are so lucky to have them. We as humans are beings of an organic nature – in that we are of earth itself and part of life – yet a fair portion of us live in geometric and rigid environments with not much greenery. We need this greenery to re-establish ourselves in spirituality and physical needs. Why do city folk travel to regional cities when they go on holidays?? Because their bodies and minds yearn for it; to be back in nature’s natural world. This is why I believe that gardens are so crucially important when constructing cites and suburbs – they provide a short distant escape from the world we have created to the one we originated from.150613_Melb Gardens(web) (3 of 4)


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