Local Laneways; Light Angel (Spektraflash @ BAG Annex 24th July)

A couple of weeks ago I photographed for my client who does all the sensational vintage light projections at the Ballarat Art Gallery in the Annex building. This was for the first Local Laneways event held in Ballarat during winter to get people to enjoy the city when its freezing cold. 😛
What a sight to behold! Upon walking in the room was just a heaven of light and colour. The angles of the architecture made for a real interesting interface to project the lights onto with all its batten detailing. This is what these projections are meant for at their full potential.
I could go into detail about the different points through-out the night, but I think I shall let the photos do the talking because they describe what words could only partially imprint. But to quickly point out; there were people dressed in these amazing angel costumes – the way the light hit their wings!!! Live music, performance dancing, dancing, a fibre optic jelly fish tent down the other laneway and just colour all around!
If only I could show you the event in my mind – project it’s authenticity – you would just want to stay there… immersed in the light. (This event also happened a week later which I photographed as well. Pictures coming soon.)



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