Local Laneways: Through and through the lens (Spektraflash @ Local Laneways event)

To see photos from Local Laneways event the week before, click here.

A week after the first event, I once again was taking photos for my client who does the vintage light projections. I wanted to focus on getting more video work filmed as opposed to still photography, yet there was a film team from Melbourne doing this, hence I did not want to get in their way. The result of the night was more of an artist approach to the photography than documentary. I also when around with these people dressed for the Fracker’s Guild (I still don’t really know what they’re about 😛 ) but we went around various locations between the laneways and gathered so posing shots. This was a good experience as I was directing the photographs getting them to pose in certain ways or within certain places (such as this cage contraption down one of the lanes.) Once again, I switched to using my 35mm Prime lens and the shots were just incredible. I took a couple of really nice portraits of the musician who my client teams up with (Matt Malone) and this gorgeous one of a little kid looking on with what my client does with the inks and light.
I went around with my macro lens and held it in front of me to capture the texture of the light – and also to frame within a frame what was happening.
A very good night it was and even though it was still freezing, there were many more people who attended – word must have got around of all the projections.


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