Friends, food, and fun times…

Last night my friend hosted a small gathering at his house were he cooked us dinner and sweets. I can’t express how much, but I really needed this catch-up. For the past 17 weeks straight I have been selling my origami creations at 25 markets (after xmas I will put up a post about this) with most of these markets happening an hours drive away from where I live. In the past four weeks alone I have gone to nine markets – most one one night then next morning the next – where I’d been selling much more of my hand-made goodies than I thought ever possible. It has been a good time but it was just so nice to remove myself from this, reflect with other friends and take some photos.

151221_Ajit's xmas party(web) (10 of 18)151221_Ajit's xmas party(web) (13 of 18)151221_Ajit's xmas party(web) (15 of 18)

I haven’t used my camera in such a way for a long time and although I knew inside I wasn’t going to be “full out photographing,” it was pleasant to just take a few snaps here and there because the food is always a visual delight and it’s nice to share. I decided to just bring along my 35mm prime lens, and I’m really happy with the quality. This lens has never disappointed me and once again it shone. The light was quite bright in the early even, but it did manage to get quite dark, but with editing the photos, adjusting the exposure still left me with a beautiful image.

On a personal note it was uplifting to see people I have not seen for years. Something that I like about going to markets is meeting all these amazing people – stall holders and customers alike – and been at this catch-up last night reminds me of how just meeting new people can open our eyes to new and amazing directions of life.

151221_Ajit's xmas party(web) (4 of 18)

151221_Ajit's xmas party(web) (6 of 18)Anyhow, enough of me rambling on! 😛
I would just like to thank my friend, Ajit, for hosting this gathering and friends alike for attending. Although short, it was memorable. Oh, and the food was AMAZING!!! The lemon pav….. everyone had seconds. 🙂



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