A world in a glass jar

For Christmas last year I made a few hand-made presents to go with my gifts. I had the idea in my mind for a while to make terrariums and purchased some figures a while ago but it wasn’t until a few days before xmas when I finished making them all.
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I was originally going to use real succulents but when I was in a store looking for some deco stones I turned around and I saw aquarium plants! (artificial) and I thought that would work better considering some of the terrariums would contain paper and resin (not to mention it won’t somehow die out 😛 )

The first one I made was the one for my dad with baby Groot. This one is still my favourite b/c it was the first I made.
I made another Groot for my younger sister, and for my older sister I made The Little Mermaid – the scene where Ariel comes up on the rocks when she’s singing and the waves come up behind her. Well, that was the scene I had in mind. For her boyfriend I made a Minion jar which is rather quirky. And for mum I decided to make and origami butterfly in the jar. I really like this one and might make more in similar style to sell at my market stall.
Terrarium presents+xmas(web) (6 of 22)
In all I’m really happy with these delightful presents, and it goes to show that nothing can beat a hand-made present in terms of uniqueness and pure amazement.

Firebird Studios

Terrarium presents+xmas(web) (17 of 22)


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