Graphic design student at the University of Ballarat (Aust.)

I appreciate the idea of design in that we utilize our skills to create a visual piece for a cause to make the community aware of this intention. Under a certain light, as designers, we hold a power to influence others in how they should view and value something. It can become rather demanding, and thus in particular cases, we have to leave our own perceptions behind and focus on the audience.

I especially take a great interest in photography. The idea of capturing an image of time in a frame is…. surreal! We see things/events every day, yet once we capture it, the event changes what is happening and makes us think of it differently: that it must convey something – what is it telling us?….

If there was to be one cause that I am strongly with, it is the idea of unity. That no matter backgrounds, culture or lifestyle, there is no reason why we as humans can’t get along and accept each other’s differences. There will always be conflict in the world, no matter the scale, yet sometimes these battles are truly over nothing but personal hate or they fight because they just want to. I know it’s an ideal, and reality is the opposite. Nonetheless; why not?



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Lara, how are you?

    I would like to use your picture “book wall” in our library blog. It’d go up next Monday to illustrate a post on reference managers (I think it’ll be either JabRef or Connotea), with a link to either your DevianArt or WordPress sites (or both, as you wish).
    Please let me know how you feel about it! Find me @ biblioiie.wordpress.com

    Thank you for your reply! Julia

    • I would be most obliged for you to use my photo. And you can post post links if you wish. I feel rather …. happy that someone wishes to use my work on their blog.

      Thanks sincerely for choosing it. I went to your page and I like the picture of the girl on the ladder reading the book (but I can’t read anything that’s written; I only know one language 😛 )

      Thank you again,

      Yours faithfully,

  2. Hi
    I’m ‘Rosepride’ who commented on fanpop. You lead me to your website, and I’d like to say thank you for that, because I’m very impressed. Not only by your art, but also by your words on this page.
    I just wanted to tell you this. You are a very talented person. I wish you all the best.


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