Christmas Fest twilight market (a real confidence booster!)

There are sooooo many things that I could take about from setting up at the ChristmasFest twilight market, but it would be a very long post lol. In short, this was the confidence booster I’ve needed to re-establish my drive to continue to do this well into the future. There were lots of people, I was in a realitivly good area and had lots of traffic and interest.
Some points about the night:

  • Only had less than an hour to set up, so I didn’t get to take really nice photos (sorry about that.)

    table set up, an improvment from last time, but still needs a few things

    table set up, an improvment from last time, but still needs a few things

  • It turned out a bit cold, so a lot more people were standing in the foyer around next to my stall.
  • I was in a corridor which became squishy at points with prams and people just randomly stopping to talk to others and holding up the line. I did feel that I lost potential customers b/c they just couldn’t stop to look, but that’s all part of being at a market.
  • It was really nice to talk to people/customers/other stall holders (the ones next to me) and talk about what we do.
  • Have a coupe of custom mobiles to make, so that’s awesome!
  • Even if people look and don’t buy, I appreciate it if they say something to me as opposed to looking like they’re  snobbing you (I can’t really explain it, but I think that everyone can understand what I’m saying – that sort of look you get given (I’ve worked 6+years in customer service… I know “the look”)). I feel giddy when people tell me how clever I am. I just soak it in lol. But it is really nice when people appreciate what you’ve done and trying to do.
  • According to my mum and aunt, a lot of the other stalls were the same sort of thing (tea towels, baby stuff, imported goods, etc…) so they said that having something different was why so many people did actually stop and look even if they didn’t buy because outside and in different areas, they were just breezing past (literally, b/c it  became rather chilly.)

    Sold a few coasters

    Sold a few coasters

  • Made contact with a couple of ladies who assist running an artist gift shop (which I have known about, but not much) and if I was thinking of selling my items, I can sell them at the space and instead of giving a commission, I volunteer my time there. They liked my items b/c it was something different.
  • As I’ve mentioned in the previous two points, what I was selling was a bit different to others. Yes (I even heard from people) that just about anyone can do origami, yet I’m providing it already made at an extremely good rate compared to all the effort I’ve put into it and using paper/materials that I’ve sourced from places that aren’t just around the corner. And I believe people were happy and delighted to look at what I had.
  • Talking about the prices, I had put them down again from the market I had a month earlier, but I even had a young couple tell me I
    ornaments - gold dinos  were a hit

    ornaments – gold dinos were a hit

    should put them up. I think on some items I should; example, the dino ornaments I use to sell spray pained AUS.50cents just as they were, not hanging. Now I’ve put effort into (well, dad did lol) drill a hole through them and tie fishing wire. So a lot more effort for the same price.

  • I was hoping to sell at least one of my Kusudama ‘flower balls’ but didn’t 😦 . Which was a great pity b/c they take me 2.5-3hrs to make. EVERYONE (like 98%) touched/spun/played with them, but did purchase. I had them for $30 each (which is a bargain compared with all the effort I’ve put into them.) Then marked  them down to $25 which was what I’ve sold some others at. But still not.
Ladder shelf works well

Ladder shelf works well

And so, after I got home and checked the sums, I actually made more than what I thought I would have. I aim to make double what I paid for the stall, thus making back in my pocket what I’ve paid for the stall. Example, with this stall, I paid AUS$35, hence I hoped to make $70 so I would have $35 in my pocket. Not a hard figure to aim for, but haven’t manged to achieve this from my past two markets (ok, the first market was AUS$155 – which totally blew the budget out of whack.) But I was so happy last night when I well and truly past my goal. YEAH!

In a couple of weeks I’ll be having my first stall at the Creswick market on the 20th Dec. This should be a good one as a lot of people do attend… and it’s just before christmas too. 🙂



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